REVIEW: Coffins’ “Sewage Sludgecore Treatment”

Photobucket When your band name is Coffins, your album is called Sewage Sludgecore Treatment and your album cover is an illustration of someone screaming as their body decays, you’re not going to give metal fans Katy Perry covers. However, considering that this EP is indeed differnet covers, I could probably imagine these guys treating Perry’s music with disgusting justice.

Coffins cover songs by some of their favorite bands, and it’s nice to hear new interpretations of celebrated underground classics. The EP begins with their take on Buzzov•en‘s “Broken”, and I’m sure Kirk Fisher would be proud of this one. Their version of Eyehategod‘s “Sister Fucker Part I” is explored two ways: studio and live versions, and I love the bluesy Black Sabbath vibe in their rendition, and its groove is probably due to Eyehategod’s own roots of New Orleans. The EP also features covers of Iron Monkey‘s “Black Aspirin”, Grief‘s “I Hate You”, and a very short attack of Noothgrush‘s “Evazan”, but the brutal grind of “I Hate You”, stretched out to over seven minutes, justifies things.

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