SOME STUFFS: Sole ready to release first album in seven years

Considering how much music he releases, the touring he does, and his efforts within the Occupy movement, it might be hard to believe that Sole is about to release his first solo album in seven years. Solo album means “solo proper”, which means a collection of music released under the name “Sole”. The album is called A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing, and as he prepares to have it ready by October, the album is also part of a Kickstarter project, which you can check out by clicking here.

As always, there is a political side in his lyrics that is reflective of what he’s doing in his life, and that mixes up with the social side of things, which of course blends in with how he expresses himself in a hip-hop context. It is and can be more than hip-hop, which is perhaps what Sole has always been about throughout his life and career, but it’s a matter of truly listening and see how that reflects on your life, which of course is much more than the musical circle we sometimes get caught up in. It’s a much bigger world, and Sole is someone who isn’t afraid to cut into existing wounds in the hopes more people will be able to clean up the bacteria that should cease to exist. If he is the only one out there, that’s the reason why he’s Sole, a warrior willing to battle with action and sound.

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