COVERED: AC/DC vs. Richard Cheese

32 years ago, Australia’s AC/DC released Back In Black, the first without vocalist Bon Scott who died in early 1980. A few months after his passing, they found a vocalist from England named Brian Johnson. Five months after Scott’s death, AC/DC released Back In Black and created what would become a hard rock and heavy metal classic, almost instantly. When you bought the album, you didn’t see the title. The words Back In Black was embossed black on black, and it was impossible to turn on a hard rock radio station and not hear a song from this album or earlier records.

Today, Richard Cheese has released a new album of lounge gems, covering not only AC/DC, but INXS, Rick James, Bob Marley, Eazy-E, Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, and Nirvana. The album cover not only honors the 1989 AC/DC classic, but also what he does with his comedic take on music. It is called Back In Black Tie, and was released digitally this week but will be released on compact disc very soon. With that said, Cheese’s website says Back In Black Tie will be the last album he will be released on CD, and only 1000 copies will be pressed. Once they’re gone, you’re going to have to cater to flea market bootleggers. You can find out ordering information by clicking here or order directly from

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