REVIEW: JustMe’s “Full Disclosure”

Photobucket Running just over 43 minutes, Full Disclosure (Illect) is a new album for those who want their hip-hop to sound like it was created with thought, and not done as an afterthought. JustMe is someone who creates music with defintion, knowing how to craft his lyrics and rhyme flows with the right type of musical textures. He speaks on a number of topics ranging from people who are slaves to the system, politics, and the good of people who live life with positivity, all done in a fashion that is meant to be listened, interpreted, and passed on to people who need to be enlightened by quality music. For those who love tight productions, you’re going to hear everything from dope funkiness to bold incidental soundtrack samples and even some rock that you might not even know is rock. In many ways, the title is intentionally telling as JustMe wants to reveal as much as possible, thus why the album is called Full Disclosure. No shame and no guises to hide behind, this is the music as hip-hop’s forefathers intended it to be.

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