FREE DOWNLOAD: Rusty Redenbacher’s “Lemmigitpaid”

23 years ago, 3rd Bass offered a bit of words of wisdom that they said was harder than Chines arithmetic, but in truth it was not. It was simply logical. In 2012, we leave it up to dream weaver Rusty Redenbacher to tell everyone he wants a bank account that’s filled to the rim and beyond. Upon listening to the first verse of “Lemmigitpaid” you might think wait a minute, is this his way of trying to go a bit more mainstream lyrically and musically? It may come off a bit on the Snoop or E-40 side. However, when it comes to Redenbacher’s work, you have to dig a bit deeper to find the truth but he doesn’t make it difficult. He reveals the truth with the second verse and you understand why he created the song in the way he did.

The song is part of a 3-song single/EP he has just released, as a hint of more music to come. The EP contains a remix of “Lemmigitaid” plus the laid back and funky “Loopz”, where you may end up bowing down to the magic that comes through the speakers.

P.S. Is it me or does the cover look a bit Lennon-esque? Maybe it’s just me.


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