VIDEO: King Buzzo talks about Melvins’ 1986 tour in animated form
Pitchfork have started a series of videos called Frames, an animated series where they use the audio from an interview and created an animated video to back it up. The first installment focuses on the almighty Melvins, specifically Roger Osborne, who most know as Buzz or King Buzzo. While Melvins had done a small number of shows throughout the Pacific Northwest before they released their debut 7″ on C/Z, they had not done an actual tour. This video describes their first attempt at a tour in 1986, which would have been before the release of their debut album in 1987, Gluey Porch Treatments

Of note to me:
1) Matt Lukin did not look like this, unless the animated chose to not draw the bassist in Lukin’s image
2) There were no DVD stores in 1986, for the fact that there were no DVD’s.

Nonetheless, it’s quite funny.

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