VIDEO: Cody Conner’s “Billie Jean (acoustic cover)”

This video comes from an old friend of mine who posted this on his Facebook and said this is a song by a friend of his. He goes by the name of Cody Conner, who resides in Tacoma, Washington, and so far only has two videos on YouTube, with this being the latest.

When people tend to do Michael Jackson cover versions, fans seem to go two ways:
1) They want it to be faithful to the original
2) If it’s nothing like the original, it will be discarded.

However, one thing I’ve liked about doing a new rendition of a well known song and composition is that by being performed with a new arrangement, including one that may be unexpected, it tends to bring the song a new perspective. Conner is faithful to the song, but he covers it acoustically, does it country style, and while some parts are in the original 4/4 time signature, other sections are in 3/4. It’s a way to look at the lyrics of the original song and say “let’s see where else someone can take this.” Conner takes it to new territory and I feel he has done a very good job at it.

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