VIDEO/FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: J. Pinder’s “No Fault of Mine”

If you have never heard of Seattle’s J. Pinder yet, I would suggest started the habit now. He has been featured here at ThisIsBooksMusic a number of times, and while I would hate to use the overdone term “banger” for this song, it definitely fits. It begins with a hint of church choir before the guitar gives it a slight edge you may not expect from some hip-hop songs, and then his story is usually one that most rappers these days aren’t ready to dish out, because it hits too close to home. That’s what I like about J. Pinder, not afraid to share that bit of honesty that becomes harder to find in hip-hop. Here it is, though.

If you like the song, he’s allowing everyone to download it for free. Click here for the file. You can purchase his music directly from Amazon.

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