VIDEO: Rapsody featuring Nomsa Mazwai’s “Kind Of Love”

Brand new video from an MC you might have heard about, perhaps on the radio, a mixtape or two, or maybe in the social media circuit but if you have not heard Rapsody rap yet, begin here. She is on 9th Wonder’s label Jamla, and while many have wanted to like her simply because of the 9th connections, she is very much someone who represents, on her own, the good hip-hop. When you are working with a producer who knows and understands that “good hip-hop”, it’s a perfect union. She is united here with Nomsa Mazwai in a powerful song, complimented in video form by the very-busy-as-of-late Kenneth Price. It’s also more than just music. As Rapsody, it also represents home, which is North Carolina. To paraphrase, Method Man, no need to fuck around when you got that good shit at home, but Rapsody is ready for your ears and mind, no matter the locale you call home.

The song is from her album The Idea Of Beautiful, which was released today.

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