RECORD CRACK: “Turntable Operator” fanzine #2 (review)

Photobucket Anything can be an influence towards what I search for online, and as a fan of the early days and ways of radio, I discovered a blog that shined the spotlight on a fanzine he did called Paper & Radio, subtitled “A Media & Radio Zine”. Despite the fact that DJ Frederick has a blog as his forum, he has made an effort to print hard copy fanzines. As someone who once wrote, edited, printed, and dstributed my own fanzine 22 years ago, I can relate. On top of that, Paper Radio issue #10 was a double fanzine, as it also included a new publication called Turntable Operator as Paoer & Radio‘s hard copy B-side. It featured an interview with DJ Frederck, along with information what exactly is a record, and a nice article about jazz flautist Herbie Mann. A few months later, I was told that Turntable Operator #2 was available, so I purchased my copy. Less than a week later, it arrived.

At only 16 pages, it features a few articles that explore DJ Frederick’s love and interest in all that is vinyl and record players. The article about the Voyager record created for discovery in outer space may have been similar to the short-lived analog video format known as CED. The background on the Voyager is quite interesting, one only hopes NASA will be able to get their act together and continue where things left off. There’s also a cool piece on “the deep south/outer space productions” of Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan, perhapss records you may have seen in your thrift store adventures but wasn’t aware if its value or quirks. DJ Frederick then wraps up the zine with a continuation of his vinyl origins. He also wants readers to submit their own turntable-related stories.

It’s definitely a labor of love, and I hope he’ll continue making more.

(Turntable Operator is only $2, you can purchase it from or contact him through two of his blogs:
Paper Radio Zine
One Minute Zine Reviews.)

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