VIDEO/FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Mike Coykendall featuring Ben Gibbard, Eric Earley & Zooey Deschanel’s “The Hippie Girl”

Mike Coykendall – The Hippie Girl (ft. Zooey Deschanel, Eric Earley & Ben Gibbard) from Mr. Fly on Vimeo.

Take it to Mike Coykendall to make an album for a label called Fluff & Gravy. Take it to him to make an album due out in a few weeks called Chasing Away the Dots, and take it to him managing to get some special guests on his album, including actress/singer/musician Zooey Deschanel, who sings background on this. In the words of singer Pink, sometimes it be’s like that, and it is for Coykendall.

He’s going to do some shows in the next few days, including one tonight in Vancouver, BC:
August 30… Vancouver, BC @ The Commodore Ballroom (w/M. Ward)
September 5… Seattle, WA @ Barboza (w/These United States)
September 7… Hood River, OR @ Cebu Lounge (w/These United States)
September 15… Portland, OR @ The Doug Fir (w/1939 Ensemble & special guests)

If you like the song and want to carry with you for always, you can download the track for free (4.42mb).

AUDIO: Passion Pit’s “Seaweed Song (E-603 Remix)”

Do you like to dance? Do you like to make romance? Do you “like chance”? Do you like ants? Do you enjoy Buddhist chants? Do you consider yourself fance? If you said yes to at least one of these, you may like this brand new remix by E-603 of Passion Pit’s “Seaweed Song”. You may very well go into the ocean, get some seaweed, dry it out and want to roll up a sushi when everything is ready to go. Then again, maybe not.

E-603? That’s the guy you see with cans of PBR being thrown to his head, but fortunately he can recycle them for change. Or go to emergency if they were unopened cans, but most likely not.

What was I saying? Oh yeah: do you like to wear pants?

Anyway, check out what E-603 did by streaming his Passion Pit remix.

VIDEO: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Wanz’s “Thrift Shop”

As an avid thrift store junkie, this video is great. This song is great. The whole thing is great, and that greatness comes from thrift store enthusiast Macklemore, who along with Ryan Lewis created this track with Wanz. As someone who worked at a thrift store for a short time, I wonder how long it had taken for everyone in the video to be clean of the insecticide. With luck, hopefully not too long. Inhale the dust and funkiness, but be comforted in knowing you got a bargain. Freshness, Seattle style.

VIDEO: Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire’s “Position of Passion”

What would be your position of passion? Dominance? Quiet overseer? Reverse cowgirl? For Mr. Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire, it may be all or nothing, figuratively and literally. In this video, you may see vibrating ass cheeks. You may see American currency coated in cocaine caressing female crotches. You may see ladies with sexy heels but messed up wigs. Whatever your delight or distraction, you might see it in this video for the song “Position Of Passion”. Slice.

REVIEW: Bone Dance’s self-titled album

Photobucket There is nothing like a set of music that sounds ruthless, dangerous, and perfect for you. Your liking of the band, their music, and the way they conduct themselves will make people fear that kind of energy, for it may come off as violent, hateful, and full of disrespect. They are not the target audience for that music, but they should be. Boise, Idaho’s Bone Dance have been releasing a slow but steady stream of music in the form of an early album and EP’s, each one showing the development of a band not ready to take strike, but on the attack. With the release of their self-titled second album (Meloto {US}; Throatruiner/Prototype {EU}), you will witness a successful musical assassination.

Combine the best elements of hardcore, punk and metal and turn that monster into an uncontrolled beast. Within that beast you create intelligence, patience, and sensibility. Balance these elements with confidence in knowing when to use them and when to hold back. Pack it with ten times the normal amount of gunpowder, and pull out a match. Strike and light the fuse. Run for your life, or stay there within the explosion and take in what’s to come. That is the perfect way to describe this album, and even if you’ve heard their music before, there’s nothing like experiencing new music for the first time, only to absorb it in different ways with every listen.

For one, that brutality and anger begins the moment vocalist Morgan Mechling says “wait your turn to become nothing”, and at the point you hear “nothing”, the band rips through with wicked precision, playing at a powerful pace. Within this are unique sections where it may sound like speed metal jazz or there will be portions where a rapid percussive break tears a brief-but-important hole in an ocean of heaving riffs from guitarists Kasey Richardson and Phillip Davis, and bassist Kryce Kresge. Steering things and uniting everyone in sync is drummer Patrick Santana. Together, one hears lyrics of doom, bloom, isolation and disgust but instead of dwelling in misery, Bone Dance does it in a way that sounds good to the soul because it moves the listener to want to break out of the crap and find sanity. At least that’s what I got out of the first three songs, so when it reaches “Conniver”, your throat has already been slashed. Move into track 4, and the band have decided to add some unique twists to their plan.

It is the mid-section of the album where I notice a bit of a “broadening of the horizons”, where it’s not just the band playing angst-ridden sounding music for the sake of doing so. One of the qualities I like about them is the harmony between the aggressive music and the lyrics which, upon reading it, is quite poetic, like an expanded haiku. Outside of hardcore and metal circles, there is a stereotype that the music is nothing but super speedy racket backed up with grunts of caveman-type “rah rah rah” lyrics. On the surface, that’s exactly what it is, and it is that primal spirit which has driven rock’n’roll through the ages and generation. What Bone Dance do is take that wicked spirit and keep it primal while mingling with different styles and influences that may not be immediately obvious. If the first three songs sounds like a clusterfuck of sound, it is the mid-section where I hear a bit of multi-layered textures. There is always something going on in terms of sound, so while Santana may be keeping the drum rhythms alive, sometimes the guitars and bass will lock into a non-technical repetitive rhythm, almost to the point of being progressive rock or touching on minimalism. The best riffs in music always have a repetitive and subtle seductive touches, but to hear Bone Dance do it is a bit new. With two guitarists, they’re not trying to outdo each other and pull of Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman-style competitions, but there is a sense of collaboration and playtime which makes it sound like a well choreographed dance. That may sound corny, but listen to the WWW songs in the mid-section: “Writhing In Ecstasy”, “White Guilt” and “West”. The arrangement is quite nice, but not once do they let their guard down. That in-your-face feeling is always present, especially in “West” where there’s that galloping groove that for some reminded me of the middle of Carnivore’s “Inner Conflict”, a song from the NYHC movement that starts out with extreme rage before it gets into a bluesy hardcore metal crunch. I like that, for me it allows the flow of the music and album to breathe a bit. What I also love about the the arrangements in this mid-section is that things sound very tribal, if not communal, as if these guys are establishing mission statements for their fans to listen, comprehend, and take on for the betterment of all.

The last third of the album is when the band go for broke, the point of no return, and that begins with the fantastic “Children Having Children”, exposing the downfalls of a fallen generation which seems to be crumbling at a rapid pace. Without hesitation, it cuts ride into “Barren”, and everything eventually accumulates to the album’s sick finale, “Feral”, where they combine everything fans have respected about them, the new elements which was rooted but enhanced from previously released material, leading to appropriate open-ended closure.

Summary: Bone Dance are a band that celebrate a level of intensity that comes from wanting to pile on everything at once, but not to where it’s a mess. Their style of musicianship, lyricism, and construction of their songs are well thought out, disturbingly ugly from the outside but powerful and elegant when you understand how they communicate with one another, directed towards the listener. It’s not cacophony by any means, but there is something about hearing a group that play like they’re in a rumble and their lives depended on not only survival, but a rally cry to keep everyone motivated for the next rumble. Get in touch with what they do, favor how it’s done, and you’ll be open to a band who are sure to reveal new stories and elements in the future as they display with this release.

(For a look at previously-released Bone Dance music and merchandise, click to their store.)

FREE DOWNLOAD: 7evenThirty featuring Sleepy Will & Kamikaze’s “Mysterious Business”

Heaven’s Computer (Mello Music Group) is the forthcoming album by 7evenThirty, a Jackson, Mississippi MC who is about to show how it’s done in his part of the south. In “Mysterious Busines”, he brings on Sleepy Will and Kamikaze to assist him in his mission, so if you’re familiar with them and acknowledge their support, you can show some support towards 7evenThirty’s way.

Stream and listen, or download it for free via Bandcamp. The album can be pre-ordered on vinyl and CD over at I’ll provide an MP3 Amazon link when made available there.

VIDEO: Nino’s “Ticket To The Moon”

Someone on Twitter had seen a tweet of mine that was RT’d by 9th Wonder, and that person is the creator of this track. Nino is his name, and he wanted me to look at his new video, just like that. I’m thinking “I don’t know you, sir” and I could’ve been an ass and said “fuck that, I’m not looking or listening to this shit”, but that would be me judging something before I even made a chance to know if it’s good or not. That’s when I clicked the link.

Fortunately, the song is quite good, and the at-home/in-the-neighborhood vibe of the video is very cool too. Nino is hanging out with his friends and not afraid to show he drinks out of a plastic jug or has some lip balm on his dresser. Away from that, he’s a young guy with a young spirit, one that shows a bit of fearlessness and a bright outlook on his future. I didn’t have to like a damn thing, but I did. You can find out more about Nino by following him on Twitter at @Ninojayr201.

SOME STUFFS: New additions to Moogfest 2012 lineup

This year’s Moogfest gets a bit more interesting with some brand new editions to the lineup, including a rapper who, to my knowledge, doesn’t play the Moog or any type of keyboard. However, he will be performing with a 9-piece Moog band. The “he” in question is…

Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin (b/k/a Oneohtrix Point Never)
Morton Subotnick presents From Silver Apples to a Sky of Cloudless Sulfur
Buke & Gase

This is in addition to everyone else who are scheduled to appear, announced earlier this month.

SOME STUFFS: North America awaits for Icky Blossoms


This was done to welcome this blurb about Icky Blossoms, the Omaha, Nebraska trio who will be doing some dates this fall with Reptar and Rubblebucket before wrapping up the year doing shows with The Faint. They’re doing some pretty trippy things in their music, now you can see how they interact with other organisms (namely, you) at these venues:

September 14 Bluebird Theatre Denver, CO *^
September 15 Kilby Court Salt Lake City, UT *^
September 17 Neurolux Lounge Boise, ID *^
September 19 Neumos Seattle, WA *^
September 20 Mississippi Studios Portland, OR *^
September 21 The Independent San Francisco, CA *
November 27 House of Blues Dallas, TX #
November 28 Emo’s East Austin, TX #
November 30 Cannery Ballroom Nashville, TN #
December 1 The Masquerade Atlanta, GA #
December 2 The Orange Peel Asheville, NC #
December 5 9:30 Club Washington, DC #
December 6 Trocadero Philadelphia, PA #
December 7 Terminal 5 New York, NY #
December 8 Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA #
December 9 Club Soda Montreal QC, Canada #
December 11 Sound Academy Ontario, Canada #
December 12 Metro Chicago, IL #
December 13 First Avenue Minneapolis, MN #
December 14 Sokol Auditorium Omaha, NE #

* with Reptar
^ with RubbleBucket
# with The Faint

BTW: the track below? Stream if you want, download if you can. It’s free and legit.