REVIEW: Daniel McBrearty’s “Clarinet Swing”

Photobucket While known primarily as a saxophonist, Daniel McBrearty has taken to the clarinet for his new album Clarinet Swing (self-released), and with help from bassist Jean Van Lint and pianist Dirk Van der Linden, he displays his love for the instrument and proves once again why he is the reed man.

The trio takes on some of the classics and standards quite nicely, including “Body And Soul”, “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend”, and “Skylark”, but the original compositions are quite nice too, hopefully musicians/bands today will take them on so they will become part of the jazz songbook for the next generation. The playing here is mighty fine, each musician playing as if they think they are the anchor of their own ship, but also respecting one another and the leader of these sessions. Beautifully played and executed, if you love your jazz to swing or simply love music played sharply, pick this up.

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