VIDEO: B.o.B.’s performances from the “MDA Show Of Strength”

With participation from Jerry Lewis, he helped raise funds for the MDA through the telethon and other means of donations such as fundraisers at 7-Eleven and other stores. Without Lewis, they have replaced the live 21-hour telethon broadcast with a condensed, pre-recorded show which they’re calling MDA: Show Of Strength. It still doesn’t take away the importance of finding ways to help and assist those with muscular dystrophy but because due to the lack of attention the show has, you might not have known that B.o.B. performed not only a song for the televised broadcast, but two songs that were not used. You can watch all three here.

If you wish to make a donation to MDA, or to know more about how they help those with muscular dystrophy, click to

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