REVIEW: Doseone’s “G is for Deep”

Photobucket While I can’t say I’ve listened to everything of his, it’s a trip to realize I have heard him in some capacity for about 15 years. While I can’t say I listened to every little Anticon variation and derivative, I was a huge fan of cLOUDDEAD, in which Adam Drucker was a member . As Doseone, he releases a brand new album called G Is For Deep and anyone who has been a fan of his since way back in the 1990’s will enjoy his faithful return.

The songs are just as adventurous as anything he has released over the years, singing in that kind of style that might be irritable to some but I take on as being one of Doseone’s voices. He can get rough, smooth, and occasionally sound like a drunk, but when he sings with that voice that may make some swoon, while others may say they become nostalgic for computerized voices, it becomes the Doseone I know and love musically. It’s freaky and goofy at the same time, and because of that, it’s cool. If you remove his voice, these tracks could easily be applied to songs by Drake, Mariah Carey, and Lady Gaga. In fact, why can’t Doseone be that guy who has the big pop hits and not these fools?

G Is For Deep is music where pop execution is dead, and it’s all about putting out your voice because it is you speaking without corporate forces telling you to sound like everyone else. The tracks tell unique stories about the difficulties and struggles of modern day living, and how friendships need to be maintained before we lose the concept of friendship so… it’s more of the clever trickery Doseone likes to do. It may come off funny to some, but a deep listen within his cooky madness shows there’s a kid with heart who isn’t afraid to be himself, at least within the guise of one Doseone. In a better world, “The Bends” would be an anthem for a generation.

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