REVIEW: Hirobleep’s “Toy Soundz” (EP)

Photobucket In the time it has taken me to sit down and do a review of Hirobleep’s Toy Soundz EP, he has released four more projects. Four! Insane, but I know how that is, and it’s more than welcome.

For Toy Soundz, he is taking his music to where it sounds like perfect incidental music for movies, still doing his thing with that minimalistic Casio vibe I know and love, but with this one he reveals a passion for creating music that would be the perfect thing to find on a soundtrack long forgotten. Bits and pieces would’ve been perfect in a film from 1981 or 1982, and yet it still sounds like music that has has to find the right place and time, as if what is heard will exist in some fashion from now until a period in the future that will eventually become the past. I simply like that Hirobleep continues to explore, and I’m enjoying everything I’ve heard.

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