REVIEW: Dynoride’s “What You Wanted”

Photobucket Dynoride might be called grunge or post-grunge if terms like that were effective, but it’s a quick way to describe a sound that reminds me of some of the heavy indie/alternative bands of the late 80’s and early 90’s who sponged a lot of different influences to create something that surprised people. Surprised? Maybe some didn’t know the influences was a nice mixture of rock’n’roll, pop, punk, hard rock, heavy metal, and whatever they felt like throwing in for color. Dynoride sounds more like a band who came from that era than a group who were influenced by Mudhoney, The Cows, Soundgarden, King Missile (Dog Fly Religion), Sore Jackson, Faith No More, and Sonic Youth, and What You Wanted (Gentle Edward) is an apt title for not only music you were looking for, but what you had been searching for, but didn’t realize it.

The stock in Dynoride’s soup is incredibly beefy, throaty even. What I’m trying to say is that their sound is loud and raw but organized, and they do their songs in a way where you’ll get into them, be comforted by what you hear, then they’ll be a few curve balls tossed in your faith. The songs could easily become indie rock hits, anthems that the mainstream would love to claim as statements of a generation. What I like about these guys is that they’ll throw a different arrangement that one will not expect, and anyone who loves those type of changes will put up their devil hand gesture and go “yes, I obey everything about this temple I’m listening to.”

This is the type of indie rock band that is worth searching for, not one you might be force fed to become a fan. The way some of the lead vocals are pushed back into the mix and all you hear is reverb, or how they willy-nilly go back and forth from metal to stoner to punk to punk pop, those are things that not everyone is going to find pleasing. The energy reminds me a bit of the acid-tinged sounds that the Flaming Lips were known for back when they were misunderstood alterna- darlings, and while I can’t tell you what this would sound like while on acid, it’s your own trip and Dynoride sound like a trip you wouldn’t want to calm down from.

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