REVIEW: Hirobleep’s “Psycho Disko 22”

Photobucket In the past, Hirobleep has released music on EP’s that have shown one side of his creativity but in perfect, single-based form. What I mean is singles perfect for radio airplay, if radio was still a major means of impact for music today. For Psycho Disko 22, he extends that single-based mentality and extends it to a non-stop 31 minute track.

If you are a fan of techno, acid, and a bit of minimalism along the way, this one is an incredible listen. While you can take it in as one massive 31 minute track, it sounds like there are about five or six different songs within this one mix, or at least Hirobleep gives the track a number of different dimensions and textures so that the listener can sense when one mood in one section changes into another. This may come when the drums and percussion makes a slight shift, and a keyboard riffs maintains itself as another sound drops out, another fades and turns into something else. It would be great to hear how this transfers on the dance floor, and I’d love to hear how DJ’s would manipulate this to cater to their needs. Hirobleep expands his pallet slightly merely by expanding what people have known him for and shows what he’s made of.

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