VIDEO: Phonte featuring Carlitta Durand’s “Gonna Be A Beautiful Night”

Looking at this video, I was going to say “fall is the season of love” but really, what season isn’t perfect for love? Love is an all around thing, this is why people who live in tropical climates are making babies all the time. You know what I’m talking about, my fellow Polynesians.

Let’s not talk about that until after you see and hear this new video by Phonte Coleman, doing his thing with help from Carlitta Durand. The track is from his Charity Starts At Home video. As for the couple in the video? That would be Rachel Stewart and Chris Charles. Are you like Karyn White, in that you want to light a candle because it’s time to get romantic? Good, because Phonte is telling you right here, in this video directed by Kenneth Price, that it’s gonna be a beautiful night.

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