AUDIO: Paws’ “Sore Tummy”

When my nephew was a baby and he became sick, his mom would ask him if he had to go “pukos”, her way of saying “puke” in baby talk. When I was in intermediate school in Honolulu, I would say “mukos” or “hanamoko” to describe galagala, or what is known as phlegm, as in something that has to do with mucus. When your stomach is upset, it’s not because Comcast isn’t working. You might get a bit of the rumbly tumblies, and Paws feel your pain. They even had someone draw a cover that represents pukos, galagala, and hanamoko in one sitting. The song Paws perform is called “Sore Dummy”, and it sounds like the kind of psych/psychedelic pop/rock that bands from the 1960’s would have done after hours, but the truth is, this is not musical ipecac. It’s quite a nice song, so why have it represented by a gross image? Hell, you’re not grossed out by this, in fact you would get a cup and drink this guy’s vomit, wouldn’t you? Well, don’t do that, but you can check out the song right now. The song will be released a single next week, and vinyl junkies will be satisfied when it is released on October 1st as a 7″ 45rpm single. Want something raw, specifically something that isn’t the contents of someone’s stomach? Paws are here to help you.

To purchase it as an MP3 or WAV, head here. If you like it enough to want to wait for the album, you only have a few more weeks to go, as Cokefloat! (Fatcat) will be released on

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