FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Robert Glasper featuring Solange Knowles & The Roots’ “Twice (?uestlove’s Twice Baked Remix)”

Out of the blue, things like this can happen. Robert Glasper has been friends with ?uestlove for awhile. Glasper releases an album that has him stepping not so much out of jazz for a brief moment, but moving out of the jazz circle towards the left, with a foot always planted in that circle. The end result was an album he released this past March called Black Radio (for my review of that, click here. Glasper has had a great year this year with praise for this album, which has lead to a positive response from show dates, which has lead to more collaborations. In this case, things have lead to a brand new remix from ?uestlove, or if you want to be a purist about it, simply a brand new track where Glasper joins The Roots and brings Solange Knowles for the ride. If anything, this might make people say “now why isn’t THIS on black radio in 2012?” It might be, but then again it might not. Public Enemy and the Geto Boys brought up the issues and status of black radio, which leads to the question of what makes black music “black music” but that might lead to deeper thought, discussions, and debates, which may make you forget what started the discussion in the first place.

To remind you, you were lead here because you wanted to check what Robert Glasper did when ?uest brought in his band and Solange to create a damn good song. Music with thought: what a concept.

The track is from the forthcoming EP Black Radio Recovered: The Remix Ep, due out this Tuesday.

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