SOME STUFFS: The Child Of Lov to release new single featuring a D’Angelo cover on the B-side

New indie rock band The Child Of Lov combine a bit of garage distortion with a bit of groove, sounding a bit like some serious lo-fi midwest funk, as if they met up with George Clinton, the MC5 and Iggy Pop and said “let’s rock this out in a gym”. The end result is their debut single called “Heal”, the picture sleeve of which looks like this.

A video for the song has been created, and looks like this.

I have to make a confession. The Child Of Lov are not a band, which means they’re not a “they” nor are they “are”. The Child Of Lov is a child, or in truth a grown-man doing the one-man band thing and his name is… well, for now it’s a secret. We do know The Child Of Lov is a single individual, and as for how he looks? That’s unknown either, for this is what the record label offered as a promotional pic.

It reminds of a certain album cover by Leo Sayer so… is this guy Leo Sayer? Is he a Strutter? HUH?

Eh maybe not, but if you like The Child Of Lov’s music, put value in him. Also of interest is the B-side, a cover of D’Angelo’s “One Mo’ Gin”. Yes, we have now lived long enough to where artists are doing D’Angelo covers, and that’s a good thing. You may order the single directly from Double Six Records by clicking here.

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