SOME STUFFS: Toro Y Moi will give you “Anything In Return”, figuratively and literally

Toro Y Moi has had a busy year, so busy that it seems he didn’t even have time to fill up the picture frame above. (Okay, that’s a lie, I positioned it that way). With new music and a lot of shows earlier this year, he managed to find time to write and record more music, the end result of which will come in the form of an album called Anything In Return (Carpark), scheduled for release next year in January. This is only his third album, but considering how much he does, it seems like he has much more. He spoke with the people at Interview Magazine about Anything In Return, so click there to read the interview.

Eventually, Chaz Bundick will have time to take a break, but it will wait until after his show this weekend in San Francisco at the Treasure Island Music Festival, so if you’re heading there on Saturday, spock him out.

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