SOME STUFFS: Sleep Maps ready to dazzle fans with “Medals”

Normally I’m not into “teaser videos”, I’m someone who thinks “if you’re going to excite people, give them the full meal deal”, but Sleep Mars are a band who know how to tease, or at least want to please with how they tease. Yes, I’m still talking about music and in this case it’s for their forthcoming EP due out on November 13th called Medals (Lost Future Music). The teaser video features hints of the four tracks on the EP, here’s the track listing:
1. The Final Weapon
2. Blackout Eyes
3. The Heavens Gaze Empty
4. Horror In The Telescope (bonus track)

If you’re wondering about the tone of the video, the Medals EP is based on the Winter Soldier investigation of 1971, covering the war crimes of the Vietnam war. Perhaps it is timely that Sleep Maps’ Ben Kaplan decided to touch on this in music, and to have that transfer over into video form, stating that “The parallels between an era supposedly long gone and the wars of today are too blatant to be ignored.”

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