VIDEO: Levek’s “Black Mold Grow”

Levek “Black Mold Grow” from Michael Lawrence on Vimeo.

You want trippy, then check out this video Michael Lawrence directed for Levek. It’s called “Black Mold Grow”, and while some of the imagery might be disturbing to some, take it all in, and then watch it again. The song itself has a nice 60’s soulful pop feel to it, which I like, and that alone may not sit well with some due to the images but take it all in at first, and then watch it one more time. Shot in Buffalo, New York, Lawrence talked about this video and this quote is taken from teh press release:
David (from Levek) and I spoke for months about the meaning behind the album, ‘Black Mold Grow’ in particular. Similar images kept on coming into both of our heads – a gauzy, transcendental view on a young woman’s struggle with her psyche. Creating the film was an organic process – everything from the original script to the end product was guided by the nature surrounding us. The locations and environments added a large scope to the film – but, more than anything, created a backdrop for a character-driven story to unfold in a spontaneous, genuine way.

It’s real, it’s literal, it’s metaphorical, it’s creative. If you watched it and didn’t get it before, watch it again.

If it’s too much for you, take the visuals out from your memory and just listen to the track. Like the title, this song will “grow” on you. It didn’t? Listen again.

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