REVIEW: Mark Mallman’s “Double Silhouette”

Photobucket Mark Mallman’s Double Silhouette (Eagle’s Golden Tooth) is a collection of songs by someone who definitely utilized the best parts of his musical pleasures and turned it into a pop album with well constructed songs, from the lyrics to the musicianship and how they are arranged. This is “pop crafted”, and any time the word “craft” is used, it is an assumption that there was some sense of thought into putting this together. This is not a crappy set of songs where a marketing team said “just release this, and it’ll sell because we have the money that’ll insure that this is a hit”, these are songs of loneliness, sorrow, self-pity, and darkness, especially with titles like “Fight The Darkness With More Darkness”, “Shadow Of the Darkest Dawn”, “Like A Car Crash”, and “The Man With Music Instead Of Blood”. If played differently, this could easily be interpreted as punk rock turned into a pop context, or Green Day as a pop band. One can also listen to these lyrics and interpret them on the humorous and sarcastic side, as if to say “sorry, former companion, I wish you were dead but since you’re not, I hope you’ll suffer even though I know you’re on my best friend’s lap”. Mallman sings like a crying man who needs to get this out into the open, and with celestial bells and jangly pianos behind him, there’s a sense that he knows exactly how to get his point across, mixing up self-imposed grief with the knowledge that in time, life will go on. Songs with meanings: it still works, major labels. Try it again, sometime.

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