VIDEO: Math The Band’s “Down”

Rhode Island’s Math The Band have created videos for each song on their forthcoming album Get Real (Anchor Brain), which means if you like what you’re hearing in the videos, you can become motivated towards hearing the album in full, as intended. I’m proud to say that is offering a world premiere for their video “Down”, and why this video in particular? For one, you have Kevin Steinhauser looking like he’s going in for the kill. Justine Mainville creates some sinister eyes, equipped with sinister lies if needed, and all of a sudden she’s wacking around the drums like crazy. What may have had origins in bedroom production splendor has turned into an open-sourced free for all, or at least their music and energy makes you feel like it is, and I felt yes, this would be perfect for my website to present to the world.

Here it is. You can pre-order the MP3 for this album with the Amazon link below. CD and vinyl versions can pre-ordered directly from the Anchor Brain/Big Cartel page.

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