REVIEW: Big Bennett Bionic’s “Art Of Peace”

Big Bennett Bionic Big Bennett Bionic is a decent rapper who knows how to pull out the best from his writing and deliver it in a fashion that is meant to impress, and it does. However, he also has a tendency to drop lyrics that should have been edited a bit before executing in song, and thus the imbalance I hear on his album, Art Of Peace (self-released).

The album begins with a silly intro before going into the explicit “HIFTBSYCWABS”, which stands for “Hit It From The Back, Smack Your Clit With My Balsac”, and at first I’m thinking okay, is this all that he’s going to offer: sex rhymes? The next track is what should have started the album, “Lights Out”, as he drops some incredible rhymes in a way that I would have loved to give this song a first impression. Or “Cut It Up”, which teams him up with Tony Conquerrah, Thinkwell, & Mungo the Bird Man that shows him to be a madman on the mic, I was highly impressed with both. The vibe of the album dims somewhat with a slow track called “Lilah”, which goes on for 8 minutes and 6 seconds, about 4 to 5 minutes too long. It comes off like someone leaving behind a message on a cell and Big Bennett Bionic’s voice stays on a level that goes nowhere for me. I understand it being an ode to a lady, but I would have loved a different direction with each verse. “Adriana” is a bit more mid-tempo but comes off humdrum.

On the music side, I do like the fact that most of it is not brickwalled beyond the point of no return, so while some of it is a bit sparse, I like the fact that it’s well mixed and produced, making the entire album easy to listen to. I would have loved a bit more bass and boom to these tracks so it would come off as having more activity than it does, but it works for the most part.

I’m not against sex rhymes by any means but it seems out of place on this album, and I don’t think it’s the best way Big Bennett Bionic could have started Art Of Peace. Had he started it with an interlude or spoken word piece setting up the premise for it, it would have made more sense but after hearing it, I had to ask why it was here in the first place. With a bit of fine tuning, Art Of Peace could work but that’s what creating your own playlists are for.

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