REVIEW: Corina Corina’s “The Eargasm”

Corina Corina The debut album from Corina Corina is here, and if her single tracks were a mere hint of what she was capable of as an artist, wait until you hear this full project.

The Eargasm begins with “The Familiar” where she talks about placing a tattoo of California on her right wrist so she will not forget where she came from. By establishing her roots, we are allowed to here what inspired here and and what she plans on doing. “The Good Life” is a hint of the next level, and what I like about this track is that she sings over a soulful electronic vibe, and yet she sounds like she would be comfortable in rock or even country. “Love Love Love” has her rattling off the things she has admiration from, and that no matter what she loves, she will remain herself.

“Royalty” has her singing away from electronic beats and samples, and is just her with piano accompaniment, and this one shows Corina Corina has someone who is able to bring in people with the kind of emotional impact she provides. “OD Love” sounds like a cross between dubstep and dancehall, and I love how she bounces back and forth between singing in a falsetto and spoken word, it just pops the song off right and it works for her beautifully.

The album ends with a cover of D’Angelo’s “Me And Those Dreamin’ Eyes Of Mine”, featuring her and an acoustic guitarist. Simplifying the song to its bare essence works for her, and ending the album in this way is the perfect way for her to say “this has been my show, I hope you will come back once again very soon.”

I love the production done by Willie Green for this project, I would love for Corina Corina to work with more collaborators and producers in order to bring out more of the moments that I am catching here, but not in full. She does a great job in doing her electronic style, but there are qualities in her voice that show so much more and I’d like for her to incorporate more of that into what she does. In other words, don’t get rid of what she has offered, but bring out some of the qualities that are being taken for granted. Don’t overlook all that is there, because I hear it. As it stands, The Eargasm is quite pleasing to the ear and I hope she will continue to stimulate our minds and hearts with the voice that she has. I look forward to the possible “afterglow”.

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