REVIEW: Renny Wilson’s “Sugarglider”

Renny Wilson The two people on the cover of Sugarglider (Mint) are faceless, but Renny Wilson’s music is not, or at least should not be. His style of music is reminiscent of what was popular 30 to 35 years ago, handling a nice balanced mixture of soul, disco, and pop with much success. The entire album is mixed in a way where songs segue into the next, and when you’re in a nice dance groove, you (or at least I) tend to want to feel a bit more of that feeling. Then it turns into something else that might sound like good ol’ soft pop or yacht rock with the kind of charming verses and haunting choruses that make you want to remember every word in it and around it. The title track sounds like early 80’s synth pop, where it could be Thomas Dolby or Gary Numan but without some of the weirdness that their songs may have created the first time out. Then again, maybe their sounds aren’t so weird because it’s now part of the norm, and it has taken a few decades for people to catch up on the innovative techniques these two musicians provided. If so, Renny Wilson is someone who enjoys taking listeners (and himself) for a ride.

(Sugarglider is scheduled for release on January 22, 2013.)

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