REVIEW: Lisa Forkish’s “Bridges”

LisaForkish_cover_zps1db3b70b photo LisaForkish_cover_zps1db3b70b.jpg Lisa Forkish isn’t a thrillseeker in the way she sings, but what she does have, she makes great use of it, which is what she does on Bridges (self-released). While jazz may be loosely how she’s categorized, she is very much a pop singer, or pop in the traditional sense. The majority of the songs are originals, and the one that stands up the most (and one that could be a hit with the right push) is “Solidarity”, I really like her performance and the harmonies provided, and the story told is one that I feel will be accessible to all. Her cover of Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth” is fairly decent, but her performance of Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “No More Blues” is much better’.

It’s hard to try to come up with a comparison, so I will not. What I will do is say that by the end of the album (which features a secret track to close it), I found myself not wanting the thrill but simply wanting to hear someone with compassion. I feel I’ve found that in Forkish.

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