SOME STUFFS: Saint Maybe set up west coast tour dates

Saint Maybe photo SaintMaybe_old_zpsecbd42c7.jpg
Saint Maybe will be doing some west coast traveling, beginning at the end of February. They will be on tour in support of their Things As They Are album on Fort Powell (my review of which can be read here), so check them out if you can. They hope to reach the shores of the East Coast very soon.

February 12… Phoenix, AZ (Crescent Ballroom) *
February 25… Portland, OR (Star Bar) **
February 26… Portland, OR (Crystal Ballroom) &
February 27… Seattle, WA (Neptune Theatre) w/ Patti Smith and Her Band
February 28… Seattle, WA (Blue Moon) @
March 2… Eureka, CA (Red Fox Tavern)
March 5… San Francisco, CA (Hotel Utah) #
March 6… Brisbane, CA at (Historic 23 Club)
March 9… Los Angeles, CA (Redwood Bar and Grill) %
March 11… Phoenix, AZ (Sail Inn) $/¥
March 16… Tucson, AZ (Topaz) $
March 23… Jerome, AZ (Spirit Room)

* w/ Blind Divine and Some of Them Are Old
** w/ DON’T
& w/ Patti Smith and Her Band
@ w/ Gabe Mintz
# w/ Jameson
% w/ Kind Hearts and Coronets
$ w/ The Low Hums
¥ w/ Greyhound Soul

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