BANDCAMP SUGGESTIONS: Max Caddy’s “Caddy Tracks” (EP)

 photo MaxCaddy_cover3_zpse256a4d1.jpg You should be familiar with vocalist Corina Corina, as she has been featured on a number of times in the last year. Now you can make yourself at home with her new project, a duo that teams herself with guitarist/vocalist Jesse O’Neill. Together they are Max Caddy, and the two have put together a 5-song EP simply called Caddy Tracks that merges Corina Corina’s style of singing and widens it with some of O’Neill’s influences, bringing together a sound that I think compliments each other quite well. It can sound like Americana, it’s very bluesy (if not ballsy) and soulful, and because of that, there’s the potential for them to seriously rock out. Produced and mastered by Willie Green, Caddy Tracks is a mere scoop of the goodness I hope will come from them.

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