SOME STUFFS: Saul Conrad offers a slice of “Sycamore” before hitting the street

Director Catherine Please came up with this video treatment for Saul Conrad’s “Sycamore”, and it comes at a good time. As fans both old and new get a chance to be excited musically and visually, Conrad will be hitting the streets for some performances. This is also known as “hitting the road”, a/k/a “a tour”, beginning this Valentine’s Day. If you can make it, you will have fun for an hour or so. Dates and times are located below. You may click here to see what artists will also be performing at each show.

February 14… Boston, MA (The Lily Pad – 11:30pm)
February 15… Pittsfield, MA (Marketplace Cafe – 7pm)
February 16… New York, NY (National Underground – 7-8pm)
February 17… Wilmington, DE (Mojo 13 – 10pm)
February 18… Baltimore, MD (Bohemian Coffeehouse – 8pm)
February 20… Pittsburgh, PA (Inn Termission Lounge – 9pm)
February 21… Cleveland, OH (Wilbert’s – 9-9:45pm)
February 22… Columbus, OH (Kafe Kerouac – 10-10:45pm)
February 23… Canton, OH (Buzzbin Magazine & Art Shop – 9:30-10:15pm)
February 26… Bloomington, IN (Bear’s Place – 9-9:45pm)
February 27… Nashville, TN (The National Underground – 7-8pm)
February 28… Louisville, KY (Zazoo’s – 10-10:45pm)
March 1… Chicago, IL (The Elbo Room – 9-10pm)

He is doing shows because he likes to, but he also released an EP called Poison Packets, my review of which can be read by clicking here.

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