REVIEW: Little Wings’ “Last”

 photo LittleWings_cover_zps8fd91bf9.jpg With nothing but a mushroom on the album cover, one could ask if the music of Kyle Field is drug influenced or induced. Maybe he’s a naturalist and wants people to get high to his music as one might with shrooms. As the man behind Little Wings, he has been making music for over ten years and if Last (Rad) is meant to be the last album as Little Wings and the intro to him releasing music under his own name, this is a nice parting gift.

The sound of Little Wings is laid back and acoustic, not unlike Donavon Frankenreiter or Jack Johnson, but less sleepytime tea like Johnson. It’s the kind of sound one would expect to hear during a stoner surf movie of nothing but shots of people surfing the tube and writing lips, which may come from Field being a surfer and being close to the ocean. I can completely relate to that. His smoothed out sounds is reminiscent of the California sound of the late 60’s and early 70’s, complete with stories that will want to make you find a VW Bus, soup it up, and ride up and down the West Coast to find good people, good taco trucks, and a lot of good times. I love how passionate Field plays and sings, as if it sounds like a chore for him to open and share his diary to people, but he knows it’s the best thing to do.

If Last is meant to representing the enduring power of these songs, I feel that Little Wings creates music that will definitely last for awhile. It’s outdoor music, meant to be shared with the warmth or chill of the passing wind. It can be spiritual if you allow it, but let it glaze your mellow so you can find how harsh the world is not.

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