REVIEW: Wooden Wand’s “Blood Oathes Of The New Blues”

Wooden Wand photo WoodenWand_cover_zps6490a0a2.jpg Sweet, raw, and nutritious are words one could use to describe Blood Oathes Of The New Blues (Fire) by Wooden Wand. The group plan unabashed rock’n’roll with nice layers of pop, country, blues, and folk spread throughout its aura. They come off as victorious as The Band or Buffalo Springfield in how they play and tell their stories, and may remind people of the sounds of Wilco, My Morning Jacket, and Aimee Mann. There’s a spirit of this album that sounds perfect for those long drives down across the state border, where you feel fancy free and all you have to worry about are shoddy cops who think your case of soda is bootleg alcohol. “Southern Colorado Song” will make you contemplate your life, while the 12-minute “No Bed For Beatle Wand/Days This Long” may motivated others to start writing songs to tell their stories. I’d love to see them open up for The Black Crowes.

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