REVIEW: Sole’s “A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing”

Sole photo Sole12_cover_zps41df9f37.jpg The title of the album almost says it all. Sole has been critical of many things in his career, and A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing (Black Canyon) might come off like he has reached the summit, a climax has been reached and he has finally said everything that needs to be said. If these 13 songs are any indication, he is far from being finished with saying something and getting his point across.

On an album that features a wide range of producers and MC’s working with him, Tim Holland is merely getting points across as a means to get to the next step of things he wants to speak about, whether it’s politics, food ethics, or human rights. Musically, the tracks range from hyperactive modern electronica manipulations to full on dope jams, each time offering words of wisdom as if he’s throwing out constant molotov cocktails. With each song, his delivery shows passion and determination, and even when he does a bit of singing, he puts his heart into it and it feels true. He has once again created a soundtrack for those who choose not to listen, they are the deaf ears. For those who are listening, they’re being fed with essential vitamins that will hopefully become the seeds for a better world. Even if you don’t agree with 100% of his philosophies (and you don’t have to), you have to focus on his drive to be no one but himself. He may be influenced by his peers, but Sole is someone who has been on his own path for years. Fortunately, it just so happens many have met up with him throughout his journeys, and I hope the release of A Ruthless Criticism Of Everything Existing will allow him to continue speaking his mind. (Maybe “allow him” isn’t the right way to put it, for I feel he is already thinking of new things to speak about anyway.)

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