SOME STUFFS: The Babies publish spring tour dates

The Babies photo TheBabies_old_zps8f5562d0.jpg
In support of their latest album (their second) called Our House On The Hill (Woodsist), The Babies will be smacking asphalt in April. “Smacking asphalt” is my slang (albeit pathetic) for “hitting the road”, which means a tour, so if you’ve been playing the album or want to be blessed with some nice music, check out the following dates. The Brooklynites will be spending a significant amount of time in Europe during May and June, right up through the beginning of the summer season. Until then, they’ll also be doing a one-off show tomorrow night (Friday) in Los Angeles. Check:

March 1… Los Angeles, CA (Natural History Museum) *
April 20… Middletown, CT (Wesleyan University)
April 21… Winooski, VT (Monkey House)
April 22… Montreal, QC (Il Motore)
April 23… Toronto, ON (Silver Dollar)
April 24… Chicago, IL (Schubas)
April 25… Columbus, OH (Rumba Cafe)
April 26… Baltimore, MD (Golden West)
April 27… Brooklyn, NY (Glasslands)
May 4… Bennington, VT (Bennington College Sunfest)
May 25… Barcelona, Spain (Primavera Sound Festival)
May 26… Grenoble, France (Le Ciel)
May 27… Strasbourg, France (Le Troc’afé)
May 28… Paris, France (Le Point Éphémère)
May 29… Nantes, France (Stereolux)
May 30… Limoges, France (La Fourmi)
May 31… Lausanne, Switzerland (Le Romandie Club)
June 1… Modena, Italy (Mattatoio, Carpi (MO))
June 2… Luzern, Switzerland (Radio 3Fach Voliere Bar)
June 3… Munich, Germany (Kafe Kult)
June 4… Vienna, Austria (Arena)
June 5… Prague, Czech Republic (K4)
June 6… Dresden, Germany (Ostpol)
June 7… Berlin, Germany (Monarch)
June 8… Malmo, Sweden (Inkonst)
June 9… Stockholm, Sweden (Debaser)
June 10… Gothenburg, Sweden (Roda Sten)
June 12… Copenhagen, Denmark (Huset-KBH)
June 13… Hamburg, Germany (Astra Stube)
June 14… Köln, Germany (King Georg)
June 15… Utecht, Holland (Ekko)
June 16… Amsterdam, Holland (Paradiso)
June 17… Kortrijk, Belgium (De Kreun)
June 18… Groningen, Holland (Vera)
June 19… Bristol, UK (Start the Bus)
June 20… London, UK (Lexington)
June 21… York, UK (Basement)
June 22… Brighton, UK (The Duchess)

* w/ Allah-Las

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