VIDEO: HuntorPrey’s “This Way”

How would you feel about this: you have to hustle your entire life and even if you have achieved something, you still have to hustle in order to survive? That’s what Huntor Prey brings up in this great black & white video for “This Way”, as he shares with listeners what it means to live a certain way, when things may not have to be that way at all. This Ohio MC is working on an EP due out in the spring and if I am to judge him on flow and lyrics alone, I hope he continues to do this for a long time.

VIDEO: Melody’s Echo Chamber’s “Crystallized”

Melody’s Echo Chamber have a nice morsel of sound and visual junk, a song taken from their self-titled debut album. This one will allow you to feel how it is to be “Crystallized”. I’m not sure what that involves, but I love the lo-fi exotic feel of the video. Feel this.

VIDEO: Muggles?’ “Translation”

One person on YouTube said “Translation” has a nice 90’s vibe but Muggles?, who consist of Unorthadox Flying, Don PrestlĂ©, and Reign The Animated, are just on their own vibe, doing music on their own terms, and having a good time. It may be on a subway, it may be near a basketball court, it may be near a place to get a sandwich or two, but it’s all about speaking their minds and you may need a “Translation” but I think what they say can be understood by most.

FREE DL: Gensu Dean & Planet Asia’s “Bar Mitzvah”

Another blast from Gensu Dean and Planet Asia comes in the form of “Bar Mitzvah”, taken from their newly released (as in today) album Abrasions (Mello Music Group). It’s free, no excuses here.

RECORD CRACK: The ultra violent False Light release 5-song 7″

False Light photo FalseLight_cover_zps3d665621.jpg
A band that mixes up the best elements of Bone Dance, Dillinger Escape Plan, The Hemmorhoids, and Retox? You may hear hints of what they do, but a lot more in the bold sound of South Carolina’s False Light, who are about to release a 5-song self-titled 7″ EP. Only 300 copies are being pressed, but this is going to be one you’re going to want a hard copy up. It’s a nice and brutal attack of metal and hardcore sensibilities, but without a care for being sensible. It grinds slow when it has to, but then slashes left and right with force.

North American residents can pre-order a copy from Head First Records while those in the United Kingdom can purchase it from Dead Chemists. For the digital minded, you may stream it in full via Bandcamp, and even download it as MP3’s or FLAC lossless for free.

VIDEO: A-Trak featuring Juicy J, Jim Jones, Flatbush Zombies, El-P & Flosstradamus’ “Piss Test (Remix)”

If there’s one word I had to use to describe the video for “Piss Test (Remix)”, it would be noodles. Pure noodles. That’s what A-Trak did when he brought together all of these rappers and MC’s to pull off a track that reeks of beer and crotch. It’s perfect for the club, it’s a pussy rhyme, and you’re sure to have a good time after hearing this one. As for El-P… oh man.

There’s a few cameos in this one, including one from a guy who used to insure that he would never wear the same underwear or socks twice. Get to that.

FREE MP3 DL: TwoineyLo’s “X Marks The Spot”

TwoineyLo photo TwoineyLo_old_zps7305e6e7.jpg
For the new track “X-Marks The Spot”, TwoineyLo enlisted the help of producer Ta-Ku to put this one together, with a bit of verbal inspiration from Malcolm X.

You may stream the song via Soundcloud but if you really enjoy it, the download is free, courtesy of Hulkshare.

VIDEO: Sara Jackson-Holman’s “For Albert”

If you are a mermaid, you find yourself a bar to have a pint of beer while watching potential loved ones dance. At least that’s what Portland’s Sara Jackson-Holman does in her very cool video for the song “For Albert”. In the land of unicorns, tales like those shown in the video actually go on in places like the Rose City, but we can all pretend that it doesn’t happen, right?

“For Albert” is taken from her Cardiology album, my review of which can be read by clicking here.