VIDEO: Tyler, The Creator’s “IFHY”

From his brand new album comes Tyler, The Creator, telling his lady “I Fucking Hate You” but maybe that’s not true. While he doesn’t appear in the video, Pharrell Williams supplies background vocals in the song, a nice piece of the component known as Wolf (Odd Future/Sony).

(BTW: The track at the end is called “Jamba”.)

FREE MP3 DL: TwoineyLo’s “Usual Suspect”

TwoineyLo photo TwoineyLoUS_cover_zps59f2cdae.jpg
For TwoineyLo’s new song, he obtained the production services of Jesse James, and both of them came up with “Usual Suspect”. It goes back to the stereotype that certain people in this world are “born guilty” but it doesn’t have to be that way, even if you’re living a life where being innocent in a world of doubt and hate is part of the struggle.

FREE MP3 DL: Mortar & Pestle’s “U.V.”

Mortar & Pestle photo MortarPestle_old_zps0fc18a7c.jpg
From Oakland comes a pop trio who may sound like a duo upon reading their name: Mortar & Pestle. None of the members in the group are named Mortar or Pestle, but in fact are named (from left to right) Sean Paul Duke, Janaysa Lambert and Paul Shinichi. The group have a debut album on Post Primal due out on May 7th, but they are sharing the first single from it. A video is on the way but for now, you get the audio that you may download for a limited time.

The group have a small handful of shows around the time of the album’s release:
May 10… Oakland, CA (The Uptown Record Release Show
May 12… Portland, OR (The Lovecraft) *
May 15… Seattle, WA (The Redezvous/Jewelbox Theatre) *

* w/ Not from Brooklyn

VIDEO: Uptown XO’s “Spread Love”

Can you create the majority of a music video inside of a car? It seems Uptown XO was down for the challenge and has succeeded with his new one, “Spread Love”. There are more scenes than interior car shots, of course, but the feel of the song may make you forget what you’re looking at for a quick moment.

VIDEO: Brian Ashton “More, Money, Power”

After awhile, it gets sickening to hear yet another song talk about “mo money, mo problems”, I mean c’mon, get original already. Yet when someone does it with finesse and it actually adds something to the song? I’m down with it, and I’m down with Brian Ashton. Produced by Matt Mega, “More, Money, Power” is all about the acceleration of nothing in order to keep a grip of that something, but you end up dealing with what you actually have.

Wait after watching the video, as this is a 2-in-1 full meal deal.

FREE MP3 DL: Ash Reiter’s “Night Moves”

Ash Reiter photo AshReiter_old_zps2e7ec571.jpg
While covering songs from Bob Seger’s Brand New Morning, Back In ’72, or Seven would be preferable, Ash Reiter went down the obvious route and covered a song most people know. She has handled “Night Moves”, and I think she has done quite a good job. The song means something to Reiter, and it may bring that spirit of first musical experiences. Reiter and friends are joined by Matt Adams and DA Humphrey of The Blank Tapes.

FREE MP3 DL: An indie/alternative music sampler can be found on

Artists.MTV comp photo MTVCMTVH1_cover_zpsd885c0b4.jpg

You may have heard of bands like Alabama Shakes, The Bronx, Allen Stone, Kodaline, Jenny O., Jim James, and Kate Earl, but may have wondered if any or all of them are worth listening to. Maybe all the heavy clutter of music out there has got you confused. There is a solution. Artists.MTV is a collaboration between three music cable networks, each of which are concentrating harder on presenting music online in a fashion that is much greater than their original TV counterparts. They’ve put together some of the best music that are worthy of your listening time.

Again, it’s free of charge so take part in it, download and enjoy. You may be able to turn someone on to the music or even better: yourself.

SOME STUFFS: A bit of “Lau Blues” from Gun Outfit, who are ready to deliver a new slab

There are many types of blues out there in the world: “Roadhouse Blues”. “Smuggler’s Blues”. “32-20 Blues”. “Mailman Bring Me No More Blues”. Now you may add a new one to the list: “Lau Blues”. It’s the new song from Gun Outfit, who will present it and eleven other morsels on their album due out on April 2nd called Hard Coming Down (PPM). You do not have to wait for next week to come around to hear “Lau Blues”, as the band and label are presenting it to the public for all to here.

Also going public are Gun Outfit themselves, who have just started a tour bringing them from the west coast of North America to the east. See if any of these dates will tickle your fancy:

March 29 …Palm Springs, CA (Ace Hotel)
March 30… Pomona, CA (VSHL)
April 1… Los Angeles, CA (The Smell)
April 2… Tempe, AZ (Topaz Tundra) *
April 5… Austin, TX (Beerland) w/ Versus
April 6… Houston, TX (Mangos Cantina)
April 7… Denton, TX (Rubber Gloves)
April 8… St Louis, MO (Blank Spaces)
April 9… Cincinnati, OH (House Show)
April 10… Cleveland, OH (Beachland Ballroom) @
April 11… Chicago, IL (Lincoln Hall) @
April 12… Minneapolis, MN (First Avenue and 7th Street Entry) @
April 13… Northfield, MN (The Cave) (Carleton College) @
April 14… Omaha, NE (House Show)
April 15… Lawrence, KS (Replay Lounge)
April 17… Baton Rouge, LA (Mud + Water)
April 18… New Orleans, LA (Dorgenois House)
April 23… Atlanta, GA (529)
April 24… Athens, GA (Farm 255)
April 26… Knoxville, TN (Pilot Light) ^
April 29… Baltimore, MD (Metro Gallery)
April 30… Washington DC (Black Cat)
May 1… New Haven, CT (BAR)
May 2… New York, NY (Cake Shop)
May 3… Brooklyn, NY (Union Pool)
May 5… Montreal, QC (O Patro Vys)
May 6… Ottawa, CA (Zaphod Beeblebrox)
May 7… Toronto, CA (The Silver Dollar)
May 10… Fargo, ND (The Aquarium) $
May 13… Calgary, CA (Lux Laundromat)

* w/ Milk Music
@ w/ The Men
^ w/ Apache Dropout
$ w/ UV Race

AUDIO: Kingdom featuring Kelela’s “Bank Head”

Kingdom photo Kingdom_old_zpsfd51a266.jpg
If this is meant to be “the new vision of R&B”, then Kingdom is very much doing it right. Kingdom is about to release his fifth EP called Vertical XL on the Fade To Mind label, and “Bank Head” features vocalist Kelela, who may remind people of Janet Jackson, Aaliyah, Ciara, or Amel Larrieux, but perhaps going on the next level of things by 1-upping them all. It seems producer Ezra Rubin understands what it means to create a kingdom, thus his working moniker, and if this song doesn’t become one of the summer jams of 2013, there is no justice in this world.