FREE DL: Corina Corina’s “Birds”

Corina Corina photo Corina2Birds_cover_zpscec3120c.jpg
Corina Corina is offering a new song right before she heads on tour, making her way towards Austin, Texas for this year’s SXSW. This one, once again produced by Willie Green, is on the electro-pop side, somewhat new wavey but also funky at the same time. Have a listen, and you’re also able to download it as an MP3 or a FLAC lossless file.

As for those shows, March will begin with being one-half of the duo Max Daddy. After the SXSW shows, she’ll head out on a solo tour, but she will be accompanied by Toussaint Morrison from Minneapolis as they go on the D’Squarius Green Tour.

March 9… Hillsborough, NC (Billsborough Music Hall)
March 10… Chapel Hill, NC (506)
March 11… Asheville, NC ()
March 12… Shreveport, LA (Twine)

March 14… Austin, TX (Live Bar & Lounge) [SXSW]
March 16… Austin, TX (Little Woodrows) [SXSW]

March 18… Houston, TX (DEANS)
March 20… Springfield, TX (The Tipsy Turtle)
March 21… Minneapolis, MN (Hell’s Kitchen)
March 22… Milwaulkee, WI (Stonefly)
March 23… Racine, WI (Monkey)
March 25… Charleston, IL (Friends & Co)
March 29… Cincinnati, OH (Northside Tavern)
April 2… Long Neck, NJ (Brighton Bar)
April 4… Brooklyn, NY (Trash Bar)
April 6… Doylestown, PA (Muggs on Main)

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