COVERED: Paul McCartney vs. Tim Christensen

COVERED: Paul McCartney vs. Tim Christensen photo COVERED_MaccaTim_zpsf0eb31dd.jpg
While not the first time Paul McCartney’s Ram album has been honored (Dave Depper did one two years ago), this one is more on the side of homage. While the cover photo is not recreated, the drawing on the borders and the logos are very much a recreation of the 1971 classic.

In this case, Tim Christensen is a huge fan of The Beatles and Paul McCartney, and last year he wanted to honor him by doing a song-by-song cover of his favorite McCartney album, in honor of his 70th birthday. That album happened to be Ram. He found other musicians who shared his appreciation: Mike Viola and Tracy Bonham, and Pure McCartney was the end result. It features brand new covers of each song on Ram, performed live on June 18, 2012 at a tribute concert in Denmark, and the album wraps up with a few more McCartney tunes. Pure McCartney finally saw the light of day with a release in February. The album was released in Christensen’s native Denmark and through Sony Japan.

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