SOME STUFFS: The Phoenix Foundation ready to blow minds with new release

The Phoenix Foundation photo PHXFound_old_zps3063b660.jpg
What is in the water in New Zealand? I don’t know, as I have yet to visit this beautiful country, but it must be doing some good to The Phoenix Foundation. After receiving a lot of positive attention from their last album, the band are ready to conquer heads with their latest release, Fandango (Memphis Industries). They are entering double LP mode with this one, as it will be released as a double LP and double CD, which will equal to a 160mb or so digital download in MP3 form. Exploring styles seems to be the name of the game for the Foundation on this one, and we’ll find out when the album is released on May 15th. A slice of Fandango‘s abdomen can be exampled with the third track on the album, called “The Captain”.

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