REVIEW: Pick A Piper’s self-titled debut

Pick A Piper photo PickAPiper_cover_zps49180447.jpg The primary “voice” behind Pick A Piper is drummer Brad Weber, and along with Dan Roberts, Angus Fraser, and Clint Scrivener, this Canadian project is about flirting with electronic music and licking it from the back to discover the kind of excitement that may be surprising to most.

Their self-titled debut (Mint) is an album that highlights the power of electronic music, both old and new, while throwing it in a pop and dance atmosphere, allowing it to get to know each other and get off how they can communicate so well with one another. “Cinders And Dust” may sound like mechanical bossa nova at first with a drum machine becoming distorted in the distance, but it finds itself discovering new paths along its duration. From the outside, “South To Polynesia” doesn’t sound distinctly Polynesian at all. No Tahitian, Samoan, Tongan, or Hawaiian sounds, but a part of its rhythm may very well be Tahitian influenced, or maybe the song is missing its inner ’ere. It sounds more like Afrobeat mixed in with different sounds from Brazil.

While one may expect electronic manipulations throughout, it’s great when something comes off as being rock driven. Pick A Piper is very much rhythm driven, thanks to Weber, and anyone who loves wicked drums and playing with time signatures will love what is created here. Or as “Hour Hands” sounds, as if it went into Scritti Politti land and went diving into a pool of easy listening pleasure. The album is indeed a pleasure, especially the gentle play between the instrumentation and vocals. Lick it from the back, so you can allow the music to zing up your spine. You’re welcome.

(The album will be released on April 2nd.)

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