REVIEW: Pony Time’s “Go Find Your Own”

Pony Time photo PonyTime_cover_zps19969b80.jpg If the evil entity known as grunge had mutated into something else, I say it would lie in the hands of the Seattle duo Pony Time.

With an album a few seconds over the length limit of an EP, Go Find Your Own definitely has the sound of music played by two people, in this case Stacy Peck and Luke Beetham. Beethham’s vocals resides on the thin line between swagger and flamboyant, and the rock is so raw and rugged, someone might think it was ripped off from The Stooges. It is not, but it definitely has the mean punch of pop with aggressive pop power, as if each song was ready made for the charts if more people in the world were rockers. None of the songs go over three minutes, so it seems this group has an agenda to get into their songs and leave without dwelling in its sensitivity or irritability. Don’t expect a lot of carefully crafted metaphors either, a song like “First Thing In the Morning, You and Me (Hard and Heavy)” states what it has to say: wake up, clean your room, get out of the house, go somewhere, and hope you return back home by the evening. Maybe go to the store and buy some food, because you’re out of cereal or snacks. That’s it. Next song is on its way.

I like what they do because it’s just there, out in the world and in your face, loud and fucked up. That’s very Seattle, but it’s also some damn good music made by two people who simply want to play and sing until their set list reaches the bottom. Rock on.

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