REVIEW: Rex Rey’s “The Raw Deal 2012”

Rex Rey photo RexRay_cover_zps5129f225.jpg It has been five years since Rex Rey released an album (or at least under the Rex Rey name, but in that time he has built up his style and techniques to deliver The Raw Deal 2012.

The album is a collection of his productions, most (all?) being sample-based. Outside of the samples he uses, the man can construct songs quite well, ready made for someone to rap over or perhaps sing. But these songs are solid as is, and I found myself getting down to a few of them, where I’m thinking “oh, I recognize that sound”. He builds his songs with a sense of what he wants from start to finish, which technically is how it should be, but sometimes producers will create and pile on whatever they want. Rex Rey is not like that, and even if it is, the happy accidents listeners don’t know about can sound brilliant nonetheless.

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