AUDIO: Mayors Of Miyazaki’s “Human Resources”

Mayors Of Miyazaki photo MOMiyazaki_old_zpsb8e053f2.jpg
They look like the kind of band who could carry the “math punk” torch, and when your band’s name is Mayors Of Miyazaki, who is to argue? The London trio are ready to release an album, their second, called Holy Cop (We Be), produced by Harvey Birrell, and “Human Resources” is something a bit plump for the time being before it comes at you in a heap of goodness.

FREE DL: Jesse Futerman x BamaLoveSoul​.​com’s “The SleepWalker”

Jesse Futerman photo JFutterman_cover_zps59c7597b.jpg
Courtesy of the people at comes a new track by Jesse Futerman. “The Sleepwalker” is a track that combines a bit of soul, jazz, and funk for a warm and soothing groove.

On top of that, you’re also able to download a 33 1/2 minute mix and bobs and weaves within “The SleepWalker” track. Need to calm down in a tub or hanging out in your basement with nothing but kolas and Zig Zag? Pop this one in and play it all night.

VIDEO: SuperSTah Snuk featuring Termanology & Reks’ “Up againST the wall”

When I first heard this song, I loved it immediately. Blame the sample/main loop, blame the lyrics, blame the flows, blame the vibe. Now they’ve added something new to the vibe: a video. SuperSTah Snuk helps along in the fulfillment of the aura in “Up Against The Wall”.

VIEWER WARNING: There is footage of baby lotion, vomit (mock or otherwise), and alcohol being poured in plastic cups. Be careful out there.

VIDEO: The White Mandingos “The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me”

The White Mandingos.


Daryl Jenifer (of Bad Brains fame).

Sacha Jenkins.

“The Ghetto is Tryna Kill Me”.

Video: Harlem.

Title track of forthcoming album, June 11th.



Soon come.



SOME STUFFS: New tour and video for The Coathangers can be found in this post

The Coathangers photo Coathangers_old_zpse96e7ac0.jpg
By the time most of you read this, The Coathangers will be playing the first of a string of shows in Europe, where they will be until the end of April. See:

March 27… Vera Groningen, Holland $
March 30… Leipzig Germany, Conne Island) $
April 1… Düsseldorf Germany (Zakk) $
April 2… Bielefeld Germany (Forum) $
April 4… Sankt Hanshaugen Norway (John Dee) $
April 6… Umea Sweden, Umea Open (Applet stage)
April 7… Stockholm Sweden (Debaser) $
April 9… Berlin Germany (Astra) $
April 10… Warsaw Poland (Proxima) $
April 11… Wroclaw Poland (Firlej) $
April 12… Munich Germany (Theaterfabrik) $
April 13… Vienna Austria (WUK) $
April 15… Wil Switzerland (Gare de Lion) $
April 16… Zurich Switzerland (Mascotte) $
April 17… Paris France (La Maroquineri)e $
April 19… Manchester UK (Academy 2/3) $
April 20… Glasgow UK (SW3) $
April 21… Wolverhampton UK (Slade Rooms) $
April 22… Cardiff UK (The Great Hall 2) $
April 23… Bristol UK (Academy) $
April 24… Nottingham UK (Rescue Rooms) $
April 25… London UK (Islington Academy) $
April 26… Brighton, UK (Green Door Store) !

$ = w/ And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
! = w/ The Growlers

Before they left, the group created a video for “Merry Go Round” (no relation to the Wild Man Fischer song of the same name), where people are wearing masks and things. You may view these things below.

FREE DL: Quelle Chris featuring P​.​U​.​D​.​G​.​E. & Chris Keys’ “We Eat It (Remix)”

Quelle Chris photo QuelleChris_cover_zpsb9a235f8.jpg
If you are what you eat, Quelle Chris has something to say about that. He did on his latest album, but now by creating a remix which also features Chris Keys and P.U.D.G.E., the message of “We Eat It” may get to your mind (and stomach) a bit faster.

SOME STUFFS: A-Trak heads on a spring tour, offers some “Short Cuts”

A-Trak photo ATrak_old_zpsa8121c56.jpg
Let’s just cut to the chase, shall we? A-Trak, you know him, maybe love him, a select few lust for him. He will be going on tour, or more specifically, two different tours: one here in North America, and one across the pond. Dates? Yes, I have them. First set are club dates for the April Fools tour, because it takes place in a few days:

April 2… Los Angeles, CA (Echoplex) *
April 3… Vancouver, BC (Celebrities) *
April 4… San Diego, CA (Voyeur) *
April 5… Los Angeles, CA (Red Bull Thre3Style)
April 13… Indio, CA (Coachella Party) TBA
April 17… Boston, MA (Prime)
April 18… Toronto, ON (Hoxton)
April 19… Providence, RI (Brown University)
April 20… New York, NY (Webster Hall) ^

* with GTA
^ with Oliver

Second tour will be “A-Trak vs. The World”, as he heads overseas:

April 24… Munich, DE (8 Seasons) (vs. Jackmaster)
April 26… Poznan, PL (Electronic Beats Festival) (Solo)
April 27… Bourges, FR (Printemps de Bourges) (Solo)
April 30… Paris, FR (34 Marbeuf) (vs. Mark Ronson)
May 2… Amsterdam, NL (Paradiso) (vs. Mark Ronson)
May 3… London, UK (FabricLive) (vs. Just Blaze)
May 4… Zurich, CH (Kaufleuten) (vs. Tiga)
May 5… Belfast, UK (The Limelight) (vs. Tiga)

The A-Trak vs. The World is called as such because as you can see, he will be teamed up with some well known DJ’s along the way. What will he be doing? He may be doing a bit of what he presents in the below video, a new installment of his Short Cuts YouTube video series.

VIDEO: Notes To Self featuring Lee Gaul’s “Used To Be Dark”

WARNING: This music visual contains scenes of nicotine use.

With that out of the way…

Notes To Self have a new album out right now, and their track with Lee Gaul is the subject of a new video called “Used To Be Dark”, but what you want to know is… if it *was* dark, what is it now?

Target Market (Decon) is the album in question. Maybe it will reveal light beyond the darkness.

FREE MP3 DL: Miss Eaves’ “Eaves” (mixtape)

Miss Eaves photo MissEaves_cover_zps20202b02.jpg
When you have a very young Miss Eaves shown on the cover, dressed as a rabbit while sitting on a wicker chair, you know that you have to listen to it. It’s a brand new street album Miss Eaves simple titled Eaves, nine tracks of grime that is sure to make this spring season jump even higher. You may stream it in full below, but to download it, head to the Soundcloud page for the link. Meanwhile, Miss Eaves has now entered the tradition of rattan chair album covers.

AUDIO: James Younger’s “Monday Morning”

James Younger photo JamesYounger_cover_zps9432595c.jpg
Could “Monday Morning” be the surprise pop hit of the spring of 2013? In a better world, it can and should be and there’s a reason for that. James Younger makes music with the hooks that will make you smile and dance, and let everyone know why this song makes you feel powerful. His bio states that this Canadian-based, British-born singer is infatuated with classic American pop, and what happens is this.