SOME STUFFS: A man has changed his name and body to become White Fence

White Fence photo WhiteFence_old-1_zpsbcefe8c4.jpg
This is how the press release for Tim Presley begins:
I have cyclops vision now. But I’m not a giant. I changed my name and body only, and stabbed my social nous in the right ear. I still read fear but there are no police this year. I can repeat the same dream. I can let birds talk to me. I’m in jail. I have love and a whistle. I lay where the lotus lay and then spring the frozen flowers on any giving day. I apologize to those put in the trees, but I was gathering the Cyclops reap.

Insane, right? Well if not that, then at least creative, for Presley is now White Fence and we have to accept the situation and circumstances that lead him to this moniker. When you write and record a song that’s titled “To The Boy I Jumped In The Hemlock Alley”, you have to wonder: what is this guy about? White Fence is about pop trippiness and everything that it can and can’t be, and then going beyond. As for that Cyclops reap he was gathering, it now comes in the form of an album that he calls CYCLOPS REAP, to be released this Tuesday on Castleface and as for that song with the long title, you may have a listen to its splendid adventure. It almost sounds like a George Harrison song from the mid to late 70’s, which is not bad at all.

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