VIDEO: Lady Lazarus’ “Gleam”

It looks like something you might have caught on USA Network’s Night Flight or public access, or maybe you made it with your VHS camcorder. Or maybe you just found some random footage on YouTube and said “I’ll make a video”. Regardless of the input, the output of Lady Lazarus’ “Gleam” is eerie, charming, and remarkable, all thanks to Miss Lazarus herself, Melissa Ann Sweat. Her music has been described as “intimate miniatures, mostly for solo voice and electric piano, and then slowly drowns them in oceans of reverb”, and as simple as that sounds (or can sound), it works. Imagine a bit of Andrew Poppy’s minimalism with Kate Bush’s deep tales of adventure, and this may be what you’ll hear in this song. The visuals may not fit in with the music and lyrics precisely, but let them flow in and out of your mind as you watch and listen. Perhaps it will make you think of something else, while it leads you back to where you started.

The song is from Lady Lazarus’ album All My Love In Half Light, which is out now.

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