SOME STUFFS: Anton Zap to release new compilation on June 18th

Anton Zap photo AntonZap_cover_zpsec7cff35.jpg
If you are a fan of Russian electronic music producer Anton Zap, you’ll find this news to be of interest. A new compilation album will be released on June 18th through Apollo Records, and will be complimented with three brand new songs. The Water album will contain material going as far back as 2008, and will shine the spotlight on some of his highlights over the years. Don’t consider it a greatest hits, but rather a nice set of songs that represent what he has done, and the new material will be about what’s to come. For a bit of audio proof of this man’s creativity, listen to the 10-minute “Water”. This is definitely the kind of sounds you may find yourself drifting off to, towards a much more beautiful place. You can thank Zap for that.

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