FREE MP3 DL: Klarke’s “Just Klarke”

Klarke photo Klarke_cover_zps7fcde870.jpg
He goes by the name of Klarke. His government name is unimportant right now, but what you want to know is that he is simply Just Klarke, and his roots are in Norfolk, Virginia. Some of you may have known him as Grip H. from the G.R.I.P. Squad, but now he’s expanding his scope and going worldwide with his new music, which is well written, well spoken, and sounds like someone who speaks with a greater vision than most. It starts from the internal, motivating through the external with the hopes that it will enter minds before it blinds (overwhelms) and you can’t help but listen and want/demand more. Introduce yourself to Klarke.

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